Kathy & John Sutorik

Jim's '63 Avanti, Niall's '49 2R5 P/U Trk, Jim's '63 GT Hawk, Bob's '63 Lark, Wally's '50 Commander and Sandra's '64 GT Hawk

Wally Mitchell, photographer for the day.

a           *****   Cudos to Bill Krueger for taking these photos of the event.   *****

The 53rd SDC Int'l Meet was held in South Bend, Indiana May 3-6, 2017 in conjunction with the annual Michiana Chapter's Swap Meet. A cold rainy start gave way to sunny & cool days for the Friday parade & the Saturday Car Show.

THere is CaptainVideo's fantastic video about our day in Ann Arbor.

Seen are 4 NEM Chapter Members' cars parked in front of Holt Nursing Home in Saginaw on August 26th. They were part of a 20 car show for the "oldster" residents at this facility.

L to R:        Dave Trish's '60 Lark, Wally Mitchell's '50 Commander,  John Sutorik's '62 GT Hawk & John Haiderer's '54 Pickup.

Saturday September 24th was a beautiful day in Saginaw. Jim & Cheri Morgrette hosted a late Summer picnic at their property. Wally reports that the sun was warming but, the air was just a little cool. The lunch was delicious and there were lots of desserts. 

Our Christmas 2016 Holiday Event at the Bavarian Inn Lodge in Frankenmuth on Saturday December 10th was a great event. Forty chapter members joined in on the fun. Our hostess, Judy Zehnder Keller, and her staff served up a delicious buffet lunch. Below are some photos of several of the attendees.              

A BIG Thank You to Wally Mitchell for seting up this event for us. 

Here's a 21 Photo SlideShow of our event.

On Sunday September 18th several NEMC Members attended the Sloan Golden Memories Car Show at the Flint Cultural Center. Seen there were John Lucky and his '56 President, Dave Black and his '48 Starlight Coupe and John Loeding and his '53 Champion. A blue Bullet Nose sedan was also there, believed to belong to Dave Holtz of Brighton.  Sorry, but, no photos available !

Tom & Jane Johnson hosted a pot luck NEM Chapter picnic at their property in Williamston on August 27th. An all day rain turned the picnic into an inside event. Guests found places to sit and to feast in several different rooms in the Johnson's 150+ year old, updated, classic Michigan farmhouse. The heavy rain also limited the Studebaker count to just 3 cars. Attendees feasted on the various dishes, including "yummy" desserts. After our meal, Prez Niall Olling held a general chapter meeting. After that we toured the garages and pole barn that housed Tom's big collection of classic cars. Most were in various stages of restoration. Several were near completion. We saw '49, '50 & '53 Studebakers, Nashs, Kaisers, Frazers, a Hudson, a Packard, a Dodge, a Saab and a Model T. 

.....   A BIG Thank You to Tom & Jane for hosting this month's chapter meeting.

On Saturday August 20th The SDC & AOAI put on an excellent vehicle display on Old Woodward in Birmingham at the 22nd Annual Woodward Dream Cruise (40,000 cars, 1.125 million attendees along the 16 mile route from 8 Mile Rd. north to Pontiac). Thanks to Joe Papai for organizing this event for us. We had 11 Avantis in our lineup of 17 vehicles. The NEMC had 7 of the cars on display.      What a great showing!

About 20 NEMC Members met at Pride & Country Village of Unique Shops, near Saginaw, on Saturday June 25th.  They enjoyed a picnic fare lunch and held a chapter business meeting. The village is comprised of a Woodshop, a Mill, a Barn, a Schoolhouse Boutique, a Farmhouse and the Red Caboose Ice Cream Parlor.

Saturday Feb 25th NEM Members gathered at Timber's Restaurant in Saginaw to start off 2017 with a meeting and review of upcoming events.

31 NEMC Members gathered at Metamora's historic White Horse Inn on April 8th  for lunch and a chapter business meeting.  Our President, Niall Olling, conducted a monthly  meeting and introduced our new Secretary, Kelly Bunker, and our Egbert Express newsletter Editor, Roberta Helpap. Welcome to the NEMC !

Of note, the White Horse Inn building dates back to 1848. The restaurant closed in 2012. It was renovated and reopened in 2014 with new owners.

Here's your  YouTube Video of this SDC Event from CaptainVideo

(AKA: Steve Rohde).

Our host, Jim Morgrette, with wife Cheri (below right) and Mandy  Holton

On Saturday May 14th NEMC Members met for a lunch & meeting at Shirlene's Restaurant in Midland, MI. graph here.


On Saturday March 19th the NEMC joined the WLEC for a tour of a very unique private car collection. The Lingenfelter Collection, located in Brighton Michigan, is comprised of about 160 ultra performance vehicles. The majority of the cars are Corvettes from the very first, including prototypes, from 1953 up thru the new 2016 Stingray. Many have been modified by the Lingenfelter Performance Group. Also seen were a variety of Muscle Cars (Camaros, Mustangs, GTOs, Monte Carlo SSs, Hemi-Mopars, even an AMC Gremlin-X with a hi-po 401 engine). Then, of course, were the Exotics. There was a lineup of red Ferraris, Lambos, McClarens, a Bugatti and a Falcon (an ultra-High Performance car custom produced in nearby Holly Mich) just to name a few !  After our tour we traveled west to Johnny Carino's for a great lunch and chapter meetings. Thanks to Harvey & Julie Snitzer for setting up this event.

You may notice, no photos of Wally. Just a photo of his car. Well, camera-shy Wally was present. He's the photographer for this event. A big thanks to Wally for taking these photos of the group.

Saturday August 12th NEM Members met at Jim & Cheri Morgrette's for a lunch & meeting. Wally reports that the day started out murky, but by the time they started to have lunch the sun came out and it was nice and warm. They spent some time planning club events for the year. Some events still need to be firmed up. Cheri made sure that everyone got enough to eat. A good day and a good meeting.

Seen at the Swap Meet were:

Joe Papai hanging out with Niall Oilling & Jim Huntoon.

Tom Johnson was seen at Tom K's big white parts bus.


Harvey & Julie Snitzer were seen at Tippecanoe Place having lunch.

Northeastern Michigan Chapter Studebaker Drivers Club

On Saturday September 23rd, 16 NEMSDC Members and friends toured the Wheeler Dairy Farm. Owned & operated since 2002 by Marlene VaLoon, formerly of Belgium. It is one of the largest dairy farms in the area. A majority of the milk collected & processed here goes to Yoplait for use in their yogurt products. After the tour the group drove to Anschultz's Cafe for a delicious lunch.

    Our Previous Chapter Events

The 35th Annual SDC Swap Meet / Car Show & X-roads Zone Meet was held on May 6 & 7 in South Bend, IN.

On Saturday June 10th, about 20 NEMSDC Members had a nice lunch and a meeting at the old Linden Hotel in Linden, Mich. After lunch the group took a short drive over to see Dave Krueger at the Caretel Inn. Dave, and daughter Kelly, were very happy to see everyone.

Bill Holton & Joe Papai

NEMC Members gathered at Sorrento's in Flushing at noon on Saturday February 27th. This was an event planning meeting to discuss ideas for chapter meetings for 2016. See SlideShow for 20 photos from our meeting ---------------->

The 23rd Annual Lennon Lions Car & Truck Show was held on Sunday July 17th in the Lennon Lions Park. 120 vehicles registered for this show. That's pretty good for a town that is merely at a crossroads  between Flint & Owosso. Our favorite Studebakers were well represented with 7 cars & trucks on the field.  When the sun got too hot, NEMC Members got some shade under Bob & Kate Mass's canopy. Wally reported that "all in all, we had a pretty good day".  

George Burrows & Thomas Krolikowski

Saturday July 15th was a beautiful day on the banks of the Saginaw River at the home of John & Debbie Haiderer. They hosted a picnic at their property for 15 NEMSDC Members, many attended in their classic Studebakers. A big thank you to the Haiderers for hosting.

The NEM/SDC's 2015 Christmas Party was held on Saturday December 12th at the Bavarian Inn Lodge in Frankenmuth, MI.

This is a favorite event site and 39 of us returned by a unanimous request.               Thanks to Wally Mitchell for setting this up for us.

Niall Olling, Jim Morgrette & Jim Huntoon

See the YouTube video of our day thanks to WLEC Prez Steve Rohde (aka, CaptainVideo). ------->.

Our Saturday November 5th Event started at 11 AM at the property of Tom McDonald in Saginaw. We toured his wonderful car collection comprised of a variety of  classics from various manufacturers.   After the tour we met for lunch at Timber's Restaurant, also in Saginaw.

See "SlideShow", below, for 24 photos from our Christmas Holiday Gala.

Ann Arbor, Michigan's 22nd Annual Rolling Sculpture Car Show was held on the streets of the downtown area on Friday July 8th from 2-10 PM. This year's feature vehicle was Studebaker & Avanti. The WLEC/SDC was the host chapter. They organized an awesome display of 26 vehicles that covered 122 years of Studebaker (an 1880 Buggy to a  2002 Avanti). The NEMSDC was represented by 5 vehicles. It was a very warm day but the foot traffic was heavy with the many onlookers wanting to take a closer look at our "different by design" vehicles. After all "We Invented COOL!".