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UPDATED:  7/19/18 hs

There Really Is A Free Lunch!

Well, a magazine actually.
I get a lot of magazines – mostly through subscription. Yes, as in I pay money.

Sometime last year, I received – snail mail or email, I really don’t remember – a solicitation for a free magazine. Yeah, sure. This magazine, REINCARNATION, is truly amazing! Of all my print magazines, it is my “Go To” magazine when I fetch the mail. Better still, it is web-based with periodic email updates! Yes, all free! I like free.

The magazine has a history. Don’t we all? About 15 years ago, a predecessor, Kit Car Builder, was founded by Jim Youngs, a good friend of REINCARNATION’s editor, Steve Temple. Upon Jim’s retirement, Steve acquired the publication and, as expected, made some changes. Steve’s new publication morphed into Car Builder, to more-accurately represent the preference of most folks who wanted a completed “kit car”. Fast forward, a trade magazine publisher approached Steve about selling the magazine. Thus, the birth of REINCARNATION. This magazine is web-based with a print copy.

I encourage you to take a look at the magazine - find it at,

Once you take a look at it, there you will find a place to request your print copy.

There’s more. The focus of this magazine is “continuation, replica, and low volume automobiles”. I’ve got Steve’s attention – I hope to interest him in one of the SDC/AOAI events for 2018.

Happy Reading, Bill                                                                            January 2018

Something New, from your President, Bill Krueger   ------------>

On behalf of the NEMSDC Board of Directors we would like to welcome you to our website. Please look around and enjoy.

Chapter President Bill Krueger's 1963 Avanti R1 Sports Coupe.

                   Presentation of the 2016 NEMSDC Sharon Krueger Scholarships

On June 2nd your chapter Secretary attended the graduation ceremonies at Davison High School in Davison, MI. I was there to present two Sharon Krueger Scholarships to graduates who were chosen by the principal and the appropriate instructor.

I began my remarks with an explanation of why the scholarships were so named. I said that one of our members was taken from us last Fall very suddenly and unexpectedly, and who had been a presenter "on this same platform last year at this time".

I then went on to call up the two recipients and present to each one an envelope containing a letter from our chapter and a check in the amount of $750.00 made out to the school of choice of the recipient. Our scholarships were presented to:

            Shawn Krueger, who will be attending Lincoln College Of Technology in Indianapolis, IN
            Robert Mawhinney, who will be attending Baker College Center Of Transportation in Flint, MI.

As the two young men left the platform to loud applause I wished them well in in their new endeavor.

Wallace Mitchell, Secretary

Our next event is July 28th - Saturday - Noon - A Picnic in Wheeler, MI. (Date Changed from the 21st due to rain forcast).

THE BIG NEWS - The WLEC will be hosting the 2018 Crossroads Zone Meet on September 6th & 7th in Archbold, Ohio at historic Sauder Village.

NEMC Roster, Want One?

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